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Specific Requirements to Consider When Choosing a Career

(a)Self-awareness: When choosing a career, you should analyze your skills, values and interests.One feels satisfied when working in a field he or she is interested in.This enables one to work and interact freely with the experienced people in that particular field.

Team working with experienced people gives one exposure which results to creativity and innovation.

(b) Opportunity awareness

When choosing a career it is always important for you to know the present government policies.One should gather enough information about job opportunity in the country and also the area of specialization.This is mainly done through career talks.

(C) Decision making

Decision refers to a choice or judgement.One should be ready for any results when choosing a career.A good example is when one resigns from formal employment to start own business.In this case, the final results may be encouraging or devastating.Talking to people in that career may help one to avoid unnecessary failures.

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