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Five Regular Expenses you Can't Avoid as a Working-Class Kenyan

For those who are salary earners, every end month is a period to put up a geniue smile. It is a time that comes once in a month despite how short-lived it may be. No matter how meager is your salary, once the alert hits your phone, it usually comes with a spark of smile and relief.

But in a space of one week, the smile will automatically turn sour for some and things tend to go back to how they used to be. In other words, the salary will have series of endless financial commitment.

As salary earners in Kenya, there are certain thing /expenses you can't do without, either married or single. And by so doing, it will cut deep into your savings or better still, renders you peniless at the end of every month.

 One of the basic expenses in Kenya is the accommodation. It is a must for you to stay under a roof before you can think of getting a job that will fetch you money. Whether you are scouting with either a friend, relatives or colleagues, once you start get a paying job, you will be expected to get your own apartment.

For example in Nairobi, there are different apartments in different environments so whichever one you choose,you will have to pay for it every month and that comes directly from your earnings.Meaning every month you will be paying for accomodation fee something that isn't avoidable because we can't do without a place to stay.

The second expenses is the transport. This is the major financial battle Kenya's fight on daily basis to survive. Some working class in Kenya spend as much as 40% of their total salary on transport. At the end of the month, what is left after deducting transport money is nothing to write home about.Despite all that, they will still keep up with the struggle as long as they have no alternative job.

Thirdly, it is a must that you pay for utilities bill in your residence.This ranges from electricity bill which is way expensive for some of us, water bills, security, garbage collection and others.This kind of expenses can easily expose you if you are not in a financial position to pay for them every month because no one will want to listen if you not able to carter for them.

The fourth one is your family commitment. This has nothing to do whether you are married or single. Once you start working, your siblings and your parents more so when you are the firstborn member of your family believe you are doing well in life and expect you to solve all their financial needs forgetting that you got alot on your table too. 

Finally, if you are married with kids, you will be faced with quarterly school fees,textbooks, upkeep money for your children. This is the most common complain among the married working class in Kenya especially at this moment that the government has introduced the Competency-based curriculum(CBC) that seems to be draining parents too much because there's alot they have to do for the kids.

Most average salary earners in Kenya presently are already broke and broken despite the fact that many of them have not been paid their salaries. The salary have already been mortgaged with school fees and other needs in the house. Whoever is able to squeeze transport fare out of his salary this time is the luckiest of them all.

This is the situation every working class in Kenya faces on monthly basis. You can only beat the situation by creating a multiple streams of income.

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