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Things That You Should Keep Private For You To Succeed In This Life

Living a simple life with zero expectations is sweet. Many people it this life expect much and plan for things which they don't have which later become a disappointment.

This life requires one to live a disclosed life in which you do not need to tell your next step. This reduces the chance of being a failure.

If you want to live a successful life then follow this simple tips and you will be happy.

1. Always do not tell people about your next step. Many of us have been lagged behind because before doing something that will add value in our lives,we talk about it to everybody. Before speaking about it remember this phrase "SHOW PEOPLE WHERE YOU GET THE BREAD FROM AND THEY WILL BURN THE BAKERY DOWN."

Live a secret life and you will yourself thriving and owning a lot of wealth.

2. Do not say how much you earn. Nowadays life is becoming tricky,none to trust including our close relatives. Even if you have trustable friends, never try to even to estimate your salary to them. Reason being this generation is being driven by ego,money and possession. A Friend can be an enemy tomorrow therefore live your life.

3. Do not show off what you own. Showing off is one of the ways of becoming broke. People would be earning a lot and owning mansion but chose to keep it for themselves. Others when they just manage to have small amount of cash in their accounts,they will be just posing and seeing themselves special than others.

If you are kind of such a person, just forget of being successful in this short life.

Do your things secretly and if it should include a group,then let it be known by the group only and you will see yourselves going far.

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