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Three Ways Kenyan Youth Waste their Time and Still Complain of Joblessness

Sometimes back, popular political figure and former presidential aspirant Abduba Dida raised concern over university students who spend their free time lazying around instead of seeking opportunities. Here are four thing most Kenyan youth waste their time doing instead of seeking side hustles while awaiting white collar jobs.

Playing Video Games

In fact, almost half of Kenyan youth in universities will always think of going to play video games during free times instead of looking for side hustles. Unfortunately, even the money they use to pay for those video games aren't theirs.

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Regular Group Tours

The second perfect time waster for Kenyan youth is regular tours and travels. If you access a youth WhatsApp group, the first thing you'll most probably come across is a contribution for a tour. If only they could channel these contributions to a club or society that would help them grow, it would be a big step forward. Unfortunately, anyone who suggests the latter is considered an enemy of progress.

Regular Parties

Besides, tours and travels, there will always be an organisation for a party. Some students even lie to their parents to send them money which they use for drinks and some other substances. Regular Partying is a good time waster for the youth.

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There is this clause that most Kenyan youth have been misusing "Enjoy your youth". If only they could interpret it correctly. Anyway, Kenyan youth need to wake up and realise they need to seek opportunities as early as possible, nobody will create an easy one for them. Partying, playing video games and cards, tours and travels aren't bad, but atleast they should have limits, especially at this time when most youth are very unstable financially.

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