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Is This The Only Way Our Youths Are Able To Get Jobs In This Country?

The rate of unemployment in this country is on the rise. We have so many graduates who have their certificates lying in the house as they have not been given any chance.

Politicians lie every time they are vying they their agenda is t create job employment for the youths but it has never materialized.

One thing I have noticed is that for one to get a job in this country If you have no connection is to do something Iike for example walking around with a posta requesting for a job.

Many people who have done this have been lucky you get a job but if the same person went into the office to request for the same position he/ she would not get it.

That's why I am wondering if we as youth need to write such postas after going through education for almost 16 to 17 years.

This is one of the thing that has made people to use the internet to find whatever they want because that's the only way one is helped.

But do you think it's the right way to go?

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