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Moving From A Poverty Mentality To An Abundance Mentality

A poverty mentality influences behaviors consistent with beliefs that money should not be spent, opportunities are limited, any risk is dangerous, any success is temporary and non-replicable, and staying at the back of the pack is generally the safest.

An abundance mindset assures you that you are successful and can replicate that success, that you have value and talents that are in high demand, and that you can handle most situations that come your way with ease.

Signs of a poverty mentality:

-Belief that you are a victim of the decisions and choices of others.

-Fear of spending money on things that aren't necessary.

-Constantly seek the cheapest alternative, even if it is inconvenient.

-Obsession with getting "deals" and free admission.

-When you succeed, you believe you are lucky; when you fail, you believe you are incompetent.

-Denying yourself on a regular basis.

-Guilt feelings when you have more than someone else.

-When describing a simple accomplishment, you are afraid of being perceived as boasting.

-Never pick up a check that someone else may have picked up.

-You should never feel as if you have enough reserves or resources.

-A belief that you can "lose it all" no matter what you do.

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