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Common Interview Mistakes And What To Do Instead

There are several mistakes people do when going about an interview, many don' t realize these are major flaws and might be the reason they aren' t getting jobs.

To make an excellent interview and nail that job you want, you need to prepare yourself and avoid common interview mistakes.

If you don' t know what exactly you are doing wrong in those interviews, this article is for you. Here we will list all the things that are considered wrong or not so right.

If you can avoid all these common mistakes, the sky is your limit and I am sure sooner you will be getting that dream job of yours. Goodluck.

Arriving Late Or Too Early

Arriving late is one big red flag common, are you even interested enough in that role, it is important to show up early, or send a note or text when arriving late due to some circumstances you can' t avoid.

While late coming is considered so bad, arriving too early might not be too great an idea, you should only arrive at your interview, 10 or 15 minutes earlier than scheduled, this will give your interviewer time to prepare and get ready for your questions.

Inappropriate Attire

This is such a turn- off, research outfits appropriate for the job you are going for before selecting what to wear.

If you are confused exactly about what to wear, you can check the company' s social media pages as it will give you insight on what they do.

Using Your Cellphone

Before you enter the interview room, turn off your mobile phone or put it on airplane mode, do not let your phone interrupt your interview or use it while at the desk of your interview.

Not Doing Company Research

Not doing research about the company you are set out to interview for is a complete turn- off.

Check out the company and everything you need to know about it and the role you are applying for.

Also, remember that knowing this makes you seem prepared and articulate to your recruiters.

Losing Your Focus

This one is the most frequent during the interview process. Always make sure you are focused on the discussion going on around you.

Don' t drift your attention towards something else or daydream, you can achieve this by making sure you make eye contact with your interviewer always.

Unsure Of Resume Facts

Please you are expected to know all the stuff in your resume, starting from your previous job experiences to the most recent ones.

Not knowing or acting unsure proves that you made them up or you clearly didn' t even do all the things listed on it.

Note all your achievements at your previous workplace and be ready to give detailed accounts to it.

Talking Too Much

Only answer questions asked and keep it simple and clean. Take time to think through your answers, pause when you need to and keep it professional.

Speaking Poorly Of Previous Employers

Don' t do this, keep all your answers professional, don' t say any negative things about your previous employers even if there is one to talk about.

Not Preparing For Common Questions

Always have questions to ask about the company, there is a lot to ask. Ask about the work hours, company policies towards some areas of work.

Focusing Too Much On Yourself

Well, even if you are excellent at what you do, don' t focus too much on yourself, talk about how you will help the company achieve its objectives when employed.

Having No Questions To Ask

Like we noted previously, arm yourself with questions. This really improves the quality of conversation you will have.

Here are also things to equally note; asking overly personal questions, poor body language, neglecting to follow up.

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