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Weird Type of Job A Kenyan Lady Was Doing in Dubai To Make A Living

Wanjiru went to Dubai with the primary intention of covering her husband's medical expenses as well as her child's school expenses. Wanjiru returned to Kenya without anything, which wasn't what she had planned. This is her tale.

Wanjiru, a mother of three, was raised by her parents in a low-class environment. Wanjiru's parents never sent her to high school after she finished eighth grade, thus her only option was to work as a maid. Wanjiru completed all of her tasks during the day while being trained to sew clothing by her employer at night. Her three-year income, according to the employer, was used to fund the training and purchase of a tailoring machine.

Wanjiru returned to her rural home after finishing her tailoring company there. Wanjiru chose to move to Nairobi to be with her sister after realizing her business was always a loss. Wanjiru was forced to share a home with her sister since she lacked the funds to rent a place. Unfortunately, her sister's husband didn't like the notion of them sharing a home, so one day he kicked her out in the middle of the night.

Wanjiru could only live with her ex-boyfriend at the time. Wanjiru had a wedding. Additionally, her husband's parents never performed their marriage ceremony because he was from a different tribe. Even though it went against his wishes, the parents of the bride's spouse persuaded him to wed a member of his tribe. His parents asked a girl from the village to marry him, but the girl show no interest in him.

Despite the opposition from their parents, Wanjiru and her husband chose to continue their marriage. They both put in a lot of effort to make a living, and Wanjiru decided to try her luck in Dubai because of their limited resources. Wanjiru pleaded with her husband to give his approval, but he refused. Her agent arranged all the preparations once her spouse gave his approval, and Wanjiru traveled to Dubai in 2016.

Her primary responsibility in Dubai was to feed, bathe, and massage an elderly woman while the other two housekeepers took care of all the household duties. In an interview with Symo K Wanjiru, he claimed that the elderly woman was so large that lifting her required two people.

She also relied on the oxygen cylinder to survive. Wanjiru made sure the elderly woman consumed a healthy diet and took her medications on schedule.

Sadly, the elderly woman passed away a few months later. Wanjiru claimed that her boss blamed her for her mother's demise. Wanjiru was not called in by the police for questioning since her boss had no solid proof of the incident. Because she had not finished her contract, her company matched her with a different position. Her duties included cleaning the eight-room mansion and frequently bathing her employer.

Fortunately, Wanjiru and her coworkers had enough food thanks to her boss. Wanjiru's problems caused her health to start failing. After disclosing her health difficulties to her manager, the boss allegedly assured the employee that she was not unwell because she reported working every day.

She reduced in weight, which made her health worse. Her boss paid her a three-month salary and forwarded the money to her husband in Kenya even though he never took her to the hospital. When Wanjiru's health deteriorated eight months later, she decided to return to Kenya. Wanjiru also had to reimburse her supervisor for the money he spent on her papers while she was in Kenya because she had not finished her contract.

Her boss insisted that she return to Kenya by paying Sh.100,000. Wanjiru worked hard to repay the money. Her supervisor decided to let her go after everything was finished, even though she had to pay for her ticket. Wanjiru was indigent, so her Kenyan husband paid for the ticket. "My employer refused to pay me for the upcoming months." She claims.

Wanjiru began looking for employment after her in-country therapy was over to support her family. Wanjiru took over as the family's primary provider while her sick husband was unemployed. After six years, Wanjiru is still having trouble making ends meet.

Due to the hardships she went through, Wanjiru never intend to return back Dubai. When traveling to work in Saudi Arabia, she advises individuals to exercise extreme caution. "Forget about working overseas if you have little to do in Kenya." Finally, she says.

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