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Job scams on the rise during pandemic and how to avoid falling prey.

Sadly there are scammers everywhere,even when you are looking for a job .

Posing as recruiters or employers. They use fake and "attractive" job opportunities to trick people. It starts with a phone call (or direct message on LinkedIn) from someone claiming to be a recruiter from a well - known company who saw your CV and saying they are interested in hiring you. Whether you had you've applied or not ,the offer might be very appealing, but don't fall prey into this trap. To protect yourself from job offer scams, it is very important to ;

1. Do thorough research about the company and see what information you can find about it;

2. Check the person who's been contacting you on social media channels.

3. Ask for many details and references and check them out ;

4. Ask for friends or trustworthy people if they know or interacted with the potential employer.

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