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Save your salary for doing this business as your side hustle.

Self employment is the most best paying job worldwide since you pocket all the profit and other benefits.

You can employ your self in many ways either by offering service or selling goods. I you have any profession you can market yourself online by describing your workplaces, type of work, cost and your availability.

Also you can do other businesses like selling households items which are less costly like plastic, melamine and stainless items. The best thing with this kind of business, the goods are available in the market and they of high demand.

Cereal business is another but that are highly profitable. Every living creature survive by food

Turns of millions of food are consumed every day, in a cereal house you should have the following in stock.

1. maize and maize flour

This is the common consumed in Africa more so in Kenya.

2. Millet flour

This is the second most liked item for making ungali and porridge

3. All types of grains like beans, nuts,sugar, rice

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