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I Did This to Protect my Job While Working in Iraq - Rose

Rose became pregnant when in third grade and had to drop out of school to care for the child. Rose's parents wanted her to return to school when she grew older, but she refused. Unfortunately, when Rose confronted the kid's father, he denied it, leaving Rose to care for her child alone.

Fortunately, she was allowed to fly to Iraq to seek greener pastures through a friend. In Iraq, she was in charge of the house. Her task was modest because there were no children in the house.

Her supervisor was kind to her and even paid her regularly. Unfortunately, the worst happened one day: the housewife chose to travel overseas, and her husband followed her to China. Rose was placed in the care of a relative since she was lonely at the boss's residence.

The housewife's husband returned from China a few days later. Rose claims her husband summoned her back to the house so she could cook and iron his clothing. Her employer also insisted on her massaging his legs. She massaged his legs because she was frightened of losing her job.

When the child's father learned that she had travelled abroad, he attempted to contact her, but Rose never returned his calls. Rose believes she had decided to go on with her life and leave him behind.

She moved to Kenya after her employment ended. She was able to complete a few projects since she had saved money. Rose states that she has no plans to return to Iraq.

Rose also believes that having a buffer between you and your boss while working overseas is beneficial. Always show each other respect.

Rose advises other women to be wary of online partners and to avoid paying money to them if they are unsure of who they are dealing with. Men were requesting an internet date but she refused.

Also, when they return to Kenya, other women should not waste their money. They also go to every performance in town to meet major celebrities and brag about their wealth.

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Iraq Rose


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