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Why Salaries Are Never Enough.

This is a question most employees have been asking because you will find somebody earning yet the person lives in hand to mouth life. Here are some of the reasons why employees feel that their salaries are never enough:

1. Too Much expectations From the Salaries.

Most people who earn salaries find it not enough because they would want to settle their basic necessities and luxurious activities out of this money. This is where you will find it not enough as these luxurious things are always expensive

2.Comparing Yourself With Others.

Never compare yourself with others. You may be working together in the same place but you cant be the same depending on your family background. Some were born in wealthy families. The moment you start comparing your life with theirs, you will find this amount you're earning is not enough. You will start going for loans which will cost you more harm.

3 Plans That You Don't Commit.

Most people have good plans when it is approaching end month. But immediately the money comes they fail to commit to their plans. Instead they spend on unplanned things. Once the money is over they start complaining how little the money was that could not cater for their plans.

4. Spending Habit.

Some people have poor spending habits of buying anything they come across. Some also want to entertain their friends after receiving salaries. These habits can't allow money to be enough for you to do your constructive things. The moment you think of purchasing your necessities, is when you will realise the money is over. You remain complaining about your salary.

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