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Ways To Prepare Now For A Life After University.

1. Actively look for a job as the more you apply, the better chance you will have to be employed as soon as possible after graduation.

2. Take on internships so as you can improve your skills in your career. During holidays is the perfect time to take on internships.

3. Build your network. This means surrounding yourself with people who have the same interests and goals as you. It comprises of professors, friends, family members or new people you interact with every day. Through them you might get new ideas, career support and job referrals.

4. Have a clear plan. It will motivate you to work harder and accomplish your life goals within a shorter period.

5. Follow your interests. Take some time to research what you enjoy doing every day concerning your field of study.

6. Refine your social media profiles and posts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get rid of things that you wouldn’t want employers to see.

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