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My Career and parents; Parental Role in career choice

Life is like mathematics, to work out your life, you need formulas that suit your uniqueness. The same is true to a career dream. A well-planned career is instrumental in a happy and satisfying life. All of us know that we should make hay while the sun shines but parents have a propensity of being too busy with money-making ventures as they relegate the delicate future of their children to a desolate corner.Roles of Parents in their Child's Education During COVID-19 and Thereafter

Parents need to be facilitators and not dictators nor influencers of the career choices their children yawn for. Parents have gone through this process early in life they should help their children to carefully make career choices without making blunders. Parents, however, should understand that people are not the same, no matter how close our blood may be, so we all have different talents and desires. In this case, one can be a good doctor while another will make a good teacher and these people will be successful. Most parents give a blind eye to this and tend to fulfill their own desires of what they want while wilting that of the child. The child being coarsed in career selection they land in career problems which make them miserable and wasted forever. Therefore parents need to understand that their career selection experience may be pivotal or hinder this noble course.Experts Discuss the Importance of Positive Parental Involvement in Education  | Rasmussen University

Parents of today are more than just authority figures. They are best friends, philosophers, guides, and bibles of their children. To fit in the world that we are living in, parents should train their children to be independent even when making decisions about their life, the role of the parent diminishes as the discretion and freedom of a child brightens. Parents should make their children feel they control their future, so parents should vanish them with relevant information about various available careers and guide them through as the children make the decisions on their own.

Involved parents are always well informed about their children, therefore as they guide them through career choice decisions they ought to consider the following factors of immense importance in the career selection process. It is very crucial for parents to consider these factors while selecting the career option for their children as they help them to source information that can aid in career decisions that they will not regret later.Teach Your Child to Love Learning: Keys to… | PBS KIDS for Parents

The child‘s aptitude is a mirror of his personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Hence, a strategically designed aptitude test can reveal a lot of information regarding the child that can help in taking a well-informed career selection. Human beings have strengths and weaknesses, since children are also immaculate human beings they deserve to be regarded to have weaknesses and strengths. Therefore parents must target the strengths and avoid the weaknesses. For instance, a parent who visits the child’s school and finds out from the teachers that the child is performing well in sciences and poorly in languages should guide the child towards careers that require the knowledge of sciences rather than languages. The parents should, however, must encourage this particular student to put extra effort in the languages but not condemning or dishing out threats for not low performance in languages.

The interest of a child in the desired field is also vital in career choice. It will be very difficult to spend your entire life doing what you do not have an interest in. The parents themselves are working in the field that they have an interest in, hence they should also look into the interests of their child and consider it while giving career options.

Informed decision over herd mentality. It is very easy for a child to be veered by colleagues into choosing a career that is popular among them and the majority is opting rather than the one which is best for him/her. Sometimes also parents are attracted to career choices that are trending and this ends up hampering the students' informed decisions during this process. The information that the child gets prior to selecting a career has the power to influence his/her decision and judgment. Therefore the parents should be available for their children for any consultations and avail sources of various career options from an early stage. Parents can even expose their children to career experts and even engage the teachers to give students career talks and avail relevant materials to give guidelines for careers in the market.

Scope of the career and remuneration. Career scope gives us light about the various fields and professions that are accessible after pursuing a particular course. The larger the scope, the better are the chances of finding the role that suits the child most. Even though it is not the most important, the remuneration of a career holds some weight in one’s life. Nobody likes to earn peanuts. The remuneration should match with the child’s aspirations and should enable a satisfied and comfortable life in the future. However, remuneration should not be paramount than the child’s interest and aptitudes during career selection.

The parents should understand that career selection is a taxing phase of life both for children and for parents. When the children feel the void of the guidance their stress multiplies. The children may feel the desire to express themselves but parents may not be available or ready to listen, this increases the gap between a parent and their own children. Listening with patience is the only key to proper career selection by a child. Provide the atmosphere that motivates children to express themselves better and be ready to give any necessary help. Children are impulsive by nature so they can be wrong, it is your responsibility to reason with them rather than getting angry. Keep a track of their ever-changing career interests and recommend career options that match their interest.

Demotivation of any type, harshness, and rejection of the child’s options might have a negative impact on the child’s mental health. Rather than rejecting all the ideas of the child, you can work together in gathering information regarding the career choice and work amicably in choosing a career that is suitable for the child.

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