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''I Once Worked as a Mortuary Receptionist.'' Gospel Artist Shares Her Story

After every person finishes the O levels, you tend to look for any kind of job to do. At times many people move from rural areas to urban areas in search of greener pastures. When you are in the city you can do any kind of job to make ends meet. At times many young people love to make money on their own without the help of their parents.

After struggling for a few months in the city, she later got a job. The job that she got was to work in the mortuary. Fortunately, she loved the job. She later decided not to tell any of her family members. ''When my mother knew that I was working in a mortuary, she told me she would disown me if I don't stop the job.'' Shiku K adds. To her surprise, she didn't understand how her mother came to know about the whole issue.

Her job in the mortuary entailed receiving bodies and recording them. And if there was an extra thing the body needed to be done she still recorded it. For example, the mortuary attendant needed to make the hair. It was done at an extra cost. It took her a week to learn about the job. At first, she was very afraid but she later became used to it.

According to her people say that people who work in the mortuary use some drugs in order to stay calm. For she says that she never saw her colleagues use anything. They were normal people who lives normal lives like us. More they are paid very well.

After working for one month she left the job. Her mother told her if she was not going to leave the job, she could disown her. Luckily she was able to get another ob. Many years later she is now a gospel artist. In life, you must have a journey to go. Do any kind of job to make ends meet. As long as whatever you are doing is glorifying God.

In the recent past, she held a thanksgiving party for her parents. Her main aim was to ask for blessings from her parents. Luckily her friends turned out in big numbers.

Which is the first job that you did after completing form four?

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