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Five Online Jobs That Can Generate You Income

Google co founder Larry Page, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Jack Ma of Alibaba Group are undoubtedly some of the rich men on Earth. One common feature stands out regarding the four men - they have made their vast fortune from largely online based ventures.

A study by an online job platform Up - Work and freelancers union predicts that by 2027,more than half of the world's workforce will constitute freelancers. The study also showed that already, nearly 45 per cent of millennials are freelancing in different jobs.

When the concept of working online started a decade long,it was easy to ignore it. Many doubted the viability of online jobs, while others had reservations about the future growth possibilities.

These doubt are no more today. More professionals are taking up online jobs on fulltime or part time basis. An online gig is as good far more as a traditional job - the office bound jobs, in the now competitive era.

In today's article, we share some of the opportunities on digital platforms that remain attractive to professionals who prefer to work remotely.

1. Call Centre Representative

While call centre rep would sit in an office receiving calls and responding to requests from subscribers and clients some years back,most call Centre rep work remotely. Having a good voice and a laptop connected to a network, with training on different services, being a call centre rep is one of the most flexible jobs in this times.By handing the same type of queries every day, these their job becomes less demanding.

2. Virtual Assistant

Do Book keeping task, clerical work, responding to media and business inquiries, writing and creating content for business excites you and would love to do the job remotely? A Virtual Assistant's job would be right for you.

According to Investopedia - online financial platform, a virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of client's office. They may also handle travel arrangements, scheduled appointments for business associates and store records digital way.

According to personal finance blog - The Simple Dollar - pay for Virtual Assistants ranges between sh 3,500 and 5,000 per hour in developed countries. Since the job is web- based,the disparity in pay comparative in developing countries varies significantly.

3. Web Developer

Web developers do not need to sit in an office to execute the instructions given. You may want to come up with a personal website or to re-brand an existing website to suit your needs and hence you have to engage the services of a web designer or developer. Only specifications on how to look is given as the technician often leaves to work remotely.

They will always consult you and give updates on their progress. Sometimes you may not even get to meet with your developer. If you were to work from the comfort of your home, learning to design and develop website might just be the job you hustle at home as it reduces daily commute to work.

4. Freelance writer

Modern Companies especially content Organisations, don't employ fulltime. High cost of operations, stiff competition and shrinking market compels such businesses to hire freelance writers on contract.

This arrangement allows professionals to work independently and to engage with many clients as possible. As Freelance writer, you are able to determine how much you earn based on how much content you contribute.

Freelance writing also allows people to be actually engaged while pursuing other interests such as studies, work or career.

5. Translator

Due to globalisation, professionals are enabled to work in all parts of the world. Brand seeking to penetrate foreign markets usually work with agents who understand local markets to achieve their goals.

Entities with strong digital imprint often have several languages options on their website. International broadcasters are good examples. This task are usually done by translators, who assist to convert text from original language to others that reaches wide speakers of as many languages as possible.

The translators don't work from a centralized place. With an internet connection and proficiency in other languages, you can translate texts for different clients for an income, even working from a different country.

Choose your favourite as you as follow for more article's.

Content created and supplied by: JejeOkelloh (via Opera News )

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