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How Growing Up Poor Can Make You Rich And Successful-Opinion

We have probably heard many stories of how a person became successful despite coming from a poor background. Some are real while others are made up. They all serve to motivate us to overcome various life challenges.

1. You learned how to become creative. When resources are limited, you use imagination to create what you want. Hence you learn to be resourceful.

2. You have a strong desire to change. Nobody wants to be poor. If the desire to transform your life is strong, you are more likely to succeed.

3. You are more cautious about failure. This is because you want to avoid mistakes in decision making. It might help you achieve success quicker.

4. You have more true friends. They do not intend to take financial advantage of you because you don’t have much.

5. You appreciate every single opportunity. Poor people don't take things for granted and are grateful in what they get. As a result they end up being satisfied and happy.

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