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Business Management analysis

List of businesses that are undermined but can make you good money

The corona p.andemic has brought a lot of financial crisis among many and some have even lost their jobs due to the pandemic.Today I bring to you list of businesses that can assist you boost your income and avoid being broke.

1.Boiled eggs and smokies

There are a huge number of people that consume eggs and smokies due to their richness in proteins and other medical values hence high demand.Venturing in this business will ensure a steady income with a 100% profit due to minimum loss involved.One requires a little capital of estimated 5K to begin this business

This business can do well around clubs,schools, universities,bus stages and clubs.

2. selling mitumba clothes

Mitumba clothes are second hand clothes that are displayed in open air markets.This business require a minimum of Ksh 6,000 to begin by buying a bale of second hand clothes.

For instance you can buy a cloth at Ksh 50 and decide to sell it for Ksh 150,that is a huge profit and good money can be earned from it.It only requires one to have good customer relationship to boost your business.

3.selling of shoes

Everyone requires shoes or atleast something to cover their feet as they move from one place to another hence demand for shoes.

Shoes usually ranges from price to price depending on the quality and type of shoes.This business is suitable around schools and universities where students require shoes most and other public places of gathering.

4.chicken rearing

This is one of the most profitable businesses that one need not to ignore but consider.Chicken can either be reared for eggs product or meat production.It only requires a minimum of 50 chicken that either are egg layers or kept for meet.For maximum profit one needs to buy chicken feed to bost in production and construction of good chicken house for security reasons and thus be ready to make good money.

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