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Most profitable businesses in 2021

Many people opted for business after loosing their jobs. This was after the COVID-19 pandemic struck and some of the companies decided to downsize the number of their employees to sustain their wage bills. On the same note, some businesses were forced to shut down by the government order to reduce the spreading of the virus. Some of such businesses were resturants and bars. Others were able to survive and have thrived well. Examples of such businesses are listed below.

1. Online channels/ online Tutoring since most students are learning from home and also many people work from home hence could get time to watch some of your YouTube channel videos.

2. Delivery of goods and services business since most people opted to stay at home to avoid being infected by the virus hence need for someone to deliver goods to their houses.

3. Gym instructor or fitness instructor.

4. Butchery around residential areas and towns.

5. Bakery .

6. Car wash business.

7. Portable grocery vendor.

8. Saloon or barbershop.

9. Uber services since many people were avoiding public transport.

10. Chemist for prescribed medication.

If you had started any of the above business by now you should be doing so well and experienced alot of growth. There is still a chance since the same business are still profitable.

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