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Top 7 Jobs On High Demand

This article contains information on the demanding jobs in the country. Thanks to Technology which has created new exciting Opportunities and high demanding jobs.

This information can be useful for people looking to ameliorate their skills and enhance their qualifications to stay prepared for the years ahead.

1.Digital Marketing

In this field Marketing and selling of goods and services may be done once comfort zone.

This field provides an opportunity for many creative digital marketers providing jobs in:

▪︎ Writing


▪︎Audio and Video production.

In addition, developing marketing strategies, solving problems and finding ways to engage audiences require creative solutions as well.

2.Agriculture sector

Does the agricultural sector have demanding jobs? Lets find out.

The Agricultural sector has made a significant contribution to the economic development and has been one of the Kenya's leading source from the time immemorial.

In this field ,the agricultural related careers which are high on demand include:


▪︎Farm management

▪︎ Agricultural finance

▪︎ Operation management

▪︎Agricultural sales

some you wouldn’t even consider agricultural jobs like truck drivers and construction workers etc. These may not appear to be directly involved with agriculture, but for agriculture sector to work efficiently, they are critical.

3.Graphic Design

Graphic design is a communication design.It’s a way of conveying ideas through visuals and design ie through the combination of images,words a sideas.

In this field the graphic design job you should pursue should be as a;

▪︎Multimedia designer

▪︎Logo designer

▪︎Web designer

▪︎Flash designer

▪︎Brand identity designer

▪︎Creative/art director

▪︎Photo editing and layout artist


Human health is very important thus making the medical sector among one of the highest demanding jobs.

In this field a person can work as a;

▪︎ Medical secretary

▪︎Clinical administrator

▪︎ Director of clinical services

▪︎Health information service clerk

▪︎Health administration specialist

▪︎Medical records administrator

▪︎Medical receptionist

▪︎Medical typist

▪︎ Program manager-mental health

This is just a few of the jobs in the medical field ,in fact this field has various jobs with a good pay.

5.Finance and Accounting.

The financial sector is usually of great importance to a country and is constantly high in demand for professionals.

In this field one can work as,

▪︎An Accounts payable clerk

▪︎Senior accountant

▪︎Accounts receivable specialist

▪︎Financial analyst

▪︎Payroll specialist

▪︎Accounting supervisor

▪︎Tax acountant

▪︎Business data analyst


This is just to mention a few of the demanding jobs in this field.

6.Social media management

Social Media Managers have the responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring the company's social media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales.

Having most of the Organisations transacting business on social media, companies are thereby hiring social media managers to run and manage their online platforms.

▪︎Jobs in this field include:

▪︎Content Manager

▪︎Social Media Specialist

▪︎Digital Media Supervisor

▪︎Engagement Coordinator

▪︎Social Media Analyst

▪︎Online Community Manager

▪︎Public Relations Manager

▪︎Digital Marketing Manager

▪︎Brand Manager

▪︎Brand Advocate

▪︎Online Communication Director

▪︎Social Media Strategist

▪︎Social Media Marketing Manager

What do you think about these jobs? are they high paying? are they on Demand?what did i miss?

Please comment and share below.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: CilianMurphy (via Opera News )


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