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7 Things to Avoid Doing If You Want to Be Richer

Not meeting new people

According to statistics, 68% of rich people admitted that they love meeting and talking to new people and only 11% of other group of people admitted to this. Rich people makes effort as much as possible to give good impression of themselves, they congratulate new partners and also the old ones. 

Believing in fate

Rich people revealed that they determine their life path themselves; they do not depend on fate or luck to get rich. The number of people in the world who get rich through luck or fate is very small, hard work and determination will surely get you there sometimes. Rich people invest their money in education and other important things while the other group will mostly be focused on lottery and such things. 

Hating your job

Once you have positive mentality toward your job then you will be ready to start overcoming whatever comes with it. With a bad attitude towards your job, it will be very difficult for you to progress in such an environment or even get promotion. Do not complain about your job, instead change it and do what you love. 

Not paying attention to your healthy

Seventy six percent of wealthy people are said to be involved in physical exercise for about 4 times a week, they care abo5 their health, and they eat a balance diet and avoid bad habits. Only 13 percent of the other group of people does such things

Watching reality shows

It has been revealed that rich people dont watch TV very much and whenever they do they concentrate on educative programs and shows. Also it has been found out that among people who are not yet rich, 78% of them love watching shows which has details of someone's else private life

Not reading a lot

Not reading means not thinking; a large group of rich people agreed on reading educative books and professional materials for at least 30 minutes a day. Only two percent of the other group is devoted to doing this

Spending too much

Rich people mostly have a system or a plan on how to spend their money, for example saving 20 percent, 25 percent on rent, 15 percent on food, 10 percent on entertainment and 5 percent for car service. The remaining amount can be spread on other things like education, clothes and other bills. 

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