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What Successful People Do That Makes The Difference.

In his book, "13 Things Mentally Strong People Do", Amy Morin says that people can be mentally strong or mentally weak. However every person has room for improvement. A lot of factors are involved in such improvement. They include genes, personality and experience. Mentally strong people are rich. They have the following characteristics.

1. They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves. Self-pity is very destructive. Although sadness is normal, dwelling on your sorrows is destructive. It leads to new problems and can have serious consequences. It wastes time, leads to negative emotions and may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many people stop seeing the positive side of their life. They develop a victim mentality which kills relationships.

2.Rich people place a lot of significance in power. A good way of giving power is hatind your enemy. You will not sleep, eat or become happy. Mentally strong people don't feel bad when they receive criticism. Other people don't have the ability to make them angry. They do what they planned to do. No person can change their mind. They don't depend on how others perceive them.

3. They accept change. Rich people don't shy away from change. Making a successful change is not easy. One becomes very anxious due to change of routine. Even when you are on a bad situation, you worry that making a change will worsen things. It becomes difficult to adapt when change comes. Many people associate change with discomfort. However slight discomforts bear good fruits in the end.

4. They don't repeat mistakes. Real mistakes are the ones from which we never learn. Mistakes should not be repeated. When repeated, they make someone stick to one point without moving. Given chance people can learn from mistakes. Without learning, you may never reach your goals. Your problems will not be solve and you will give up

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