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Self-employment Opportunities for Youths to Consider

With advancement in technology and Internet connectivity across the country comes great opportunities. Using just a laptop computer(or a smartphone for that matter), Internet connection and some basic knowledge on certain computer skills, youths can employ themselves.

In the fast growing world, the demand for services such as SEO, digital marketing, article review, article writing, graphic design, logo design, proofreading, copywriters and many others is also growing. Most of this are skills that everyone can learn at the comfort of their homes using YouTube or even certified free Google courses.

Digital Marketing

One of the most popular online jobs/skills is digital marketing. A digital marketing skill covers; social media marketing, SEO, SEM, content creation and other online marketing strategies. Business are constantly looking for people to promote them online or make them known to the consumers. This skill or course can be learned by anyone willing to learn on platforms such as YouTube, Google and websites offering the course.

According to reports by, based on 16 salaries, a mid-career Digital Marketing Manager with 5-9 years of experience makes an average total salary of KSh 1,304,000. For entry level employees, there rates maybe slightly lower but higher compared to their experience and skills.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Business want to be found at the top especially when potential customers are looking for a product or a service online. SEO, is the use of keywords to make websites appear at the top of the search engine. For instance, searching the phrase "online shopping" while in Kenya will give as first result. This is because the online shop has been ranked leading by Google to have that keyword.

Like other skills, SEO can be learned on YouTube for free or subscribe to paid and certified courses via the Internet. With SEO, experts/learners are supposed to understand how different search engines work. Finally, it is important to find a tool that suits or is easy to use.

There are many firms willing to employ SEO experts. A person may decide to work as an individual or choose to be a freelance expert. As an individual you can create a Facebook page or any other social media platform and advertise your skills. This is a competitive area hence the payment rates are entirely personal.

There are more online jobs that unemployed youths can depend on to earn a living. I just named a few but there are so many opportunities on the Internet.

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