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8 Lucrative Business Ideas That You Can Start With Little Capital in Kenya.

Nowadays, many University and College graduates have been lamenting about slow employment rate in the country. Most graduates of them are unemployed and facing hard time despite the fact that they have certificates. Making little money from side hustles with a number of entrepreneurial ideas has always been the hope for many unemployed. However, the most difficult part has been on deciding what to invest in.

Establishing a business is a difficult task and one may end up counting many losses if proper strategies are not put in place. Therefore, It is advisable to research keenly on a business idea before putting in your hard-earned money in it.

Today, I thought it wise to share with you some brilliant business ideas which you can start with little capital in Kenya.

1. Creating Construction Blocks (Bricks)

With the increasing number of construction projects in many parts of the country, construction blocks have been on higher demand and may earn you some good income. The brick molding instruments may cost between Kes25,000 to Kes30,000. With this business, you can make about 600 to 1000 blocks in a single day provided you can get a good source of sand. You may charge between Kes7 to Kes12 per block.

2. Cyber business

Today, the world has revolutionized, and almost everything is performed online. Cybercafe business generally do well everywhere as it involves many activities. Even so, it is more profitable around schools, markets or urban areas. Establishing a cyber business requires a little more money since some equipment are relatively expensive. Budgeting for a cybercafe may require between Kes80,000 to Kes100,000.

3. Preparing Liquid Soap for sale

Making liquid soap can earn you some good income so long as you can acquire the skills and some basic chemicals needed. You can begin with a small scale and expand your business later on after securing many customers. For the start, you may need about Kes10,000 to purchase the chemicals.

4. M-PESA Shop Business

You can start up a M-pesa shop with a low input as a sub-dealer covered by a licensed main agent. Acquiring a M-PESA sub-dealer sim card may cost around Kes6,000 to Kes15,000 depending on your agreement with the main agent. You will also need a minimum float of Kes30,000

If you get to an area where M-PESA transactions are regularly done, then you can make about Ksh20,000 or even more as a sub-dealer.

5. Second-hand Clothes Business "Mitumba"

You can explore into the second-hand clothes business with as low as Kes12,000. Purchasing in bales and selling in retail stores.

6. Opening a Car Wash

You can purchase a car wash machine with as low Kes35,000. Provided that you find a good location for your work station, you can wash more than 10 vehicles or more in a day. Nowadays, the average price for cleaning a small car is Kes350.

7. Cereals Store businessBuying and selling cereals like maize, beans, rice, ground nuts, wheat etc. can fetch you some good money. You can get profits by buying at a wholesale price and selling in retail stores.

8. Electronics shop

With the increasing demand for electronics, electronics business stands to be a lucrative venture worth trying. This business will require a bit higher input approximately Kes300,000 to establish. You begin by stocking only items on higher demand like woofers, radios, bulbs, televisions, and extension cables. Its profit margin is decent and will allow for expansion within few months.

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