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Analog Photographer Graduating To A Digital Photographer And Becoming Rich

Since many graduates are jobless, some have decided to use their local resources to help them grow financially. A village man who started doing his photography with a analog camera has now proved that no one is limited. He used to take some photos of his friends at a low price, but he took it as a job.

This seemed to be not fruitful to some of his friends, but he never got discouraged. He kept on working hard to achieve his goals. With time he decided to buy a digital camera as he used to save some money. Once he bought a new camera, people started liking his job.

People started inviting him to big ceremonies as a photographer, where he was believed to be one of the best in that area. This gave him alot of courage to keep on improving his job. Through his savings he went to an extent of taking videos.

This has helped him very much until today he has decided to have his own studio. He is family man and he feeds his family through taking photos and videos too. This has motivated most of the youth's since most of the graduates are jobless.

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