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Tactics Some Sponsors are Using to Lure ladies

The word sponsor is very common in Kenya. This is because this word refers to a rich man or woman dating a younger man or woman with the aim of supporting them financially.

Since most male sponsors know that the young ladies are interested in their money and not love, some of them have developed ways of luring them in the pretense of buying them cars. Below are some methods some of them are using.

1. The hiring scheme.

This method is loved by many sponsors. This is because they don't spend much money and it's very convenient. This is whereby one makes a deal with a car dealer to lease them a car in the name of sale. A sponsor will take a lady to a car seller and convince her to choose a specific car. Afterwards, she will be given the keys to drive out while the sponsor will stay behind to pay for the car. Once the sponsor feels that the lady has had some fun with the car, they will then return it to the dealer for sale.

2. The show off.

This method is not very common. Most sponsors use this method especially if they know that the relationship wint last long. This is whereby a sponsor will take a lady to shop for a car but not pay for it at all. This is mostly done on Fridays since they know that there will be many delays and they have enough time to archive their goal. A sponsor will take the lady to choose a car very late in the evening and pretend to leave some deposit to the car dealer. The sponsor will then convince the dealer to pretend to be selling a particular car to him in order to impress the lady. Once they agree, the sponsor will go to the bank and pretend to pay for the car then fake an emergency in order to leave. On the other hand, the car dealer will tell the lady to wait till payment is confirmed in order to get the car. By the time the lady realizes that it was just a game, it is already too late.

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