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Simple things as a youth in your 20s you need to know that will guide you to success.

Success Is A Journey Not A Destination.

At some point in life we find our selves hopeless,with a lot of fears and doubts about life try to understand what life is really all about.But along the way , the knowledge we acquire in class and through observation of our environment helps us transform into what we are today.Whenever we found ourselves in situations that are not favoring to us ,we have that inner motivating power that no matter how things may seem to appear now , they will surely change with time.

The article highlights some of the things you should know that will guide to success with time.

1.The commitment you give to your work and the decisions you make each time determine your future.

2.The journey of life will not always be smooth because you get negative energy-people criticizing you , telling you negative things about yourself,talking about perceptions instead of realities.You need to talk about the reality at hand rather than dwelling so much on perceptions and making decisions with the negatives people tell you.

3.You should also understand that there are more opportunities in the world than the people can exhaust.So,seize the many opportunities in this world-innovate,transform lives and generate revenue out of it.

4.Be patient and resilient at what ever you decide to put your hands to because transformation never happens overnight.

5.Think clearly and rationally based on the facts that you have acquired in your life To progress in life from a class reader to a world leader you have to have values.

6.Leadership is about responsibilities plus accountability.When you have these leadership skills ,you will have enormous rewards,you just need to learn accountability and learn to be accountable.

7.Have a strategy -know where you are going and why,know how to get there .Knowing where you are going is 5% of the work;95% is the execution

8.Values,reality,patience and resilience, thinking clearly and rationally,will take you where you want.Remember leadership is about responsibility and accountability.This is hat integrity is about.

9.Avoid listening to little person;that negative energy.Have discipline,for without it you will achieve little or even nothing from all your former struggles.

10.Be innovative,take calculated risks,think rationally and clearly.Be flexible and open minded.

11.Learn hoe to execute,learn from diversity,work for yourself.Make the right decisions at the right time,and, mostly importantly be committed.

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