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Consider These 3 Friends

In life basically each and every one has a friend. They are great people who shape and make our lives strong.Friends either build us or destroy us hence they make us get life lessons. Basically there are three types of friends one acquires at different stages of their lives.

1.Friends with Benefits.

This is the most common type of friendship where it is beneficial for both sides. Commonly referred to as the "Branch People" .Just like the branch of a tree supports it, they replicate the same attribute. You help them in their struggles and they exchange it when you're also in need. You share ideas together that can build you.Great people though. They make life have a meaning.

2. Seasonal Friends.

This type of friendship diminishes depending on time and place. It's mostly common in schools or workplaces. They give you company when you are at work or studying. They help us do our work or job smoothly with minimum effort. When the job or school is finished you may end up forgetting each other. They are commonly referred to as "leaves people". Just like the leaves of a plant are temporary so do they.Great people too.

3. Friends For Life.

This is the greatest form of friendship. They are the permanent friends.They may come from either the seasonal friends or friends with benefits but mostly they are friends we know since childhood. They are the people who understand us fully; both our weaknesses and strengths. They give us the best advice in times of trouble. Most of them positively impact our lives and career. They are commonly called the "Root people". Just like a root anchors the plant firmly so do they.

All in all, choose your friends wisely for they affect our thinking, which affects our habits which in turn affects our lives.

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