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How to Answer the Dreaded Interview Question "Why Should We Hire You?"

There are many factors that go into the hiring process. An interview is one of the most important parts of it. Often, candidates are asked to answer this dreaded question: "Why should we hire you?" 

The answer to this question can make or break your chances of getting hired. You want to give the interviewer an answer that will resonate with them and show them how uniquely qualified you are for the position.

But how do you know what they really want to hear? The truth is, there's no magic answer that will work for every interviewer. Here, are some tips for answering this difficult question with success.

1. What is the purpose of the question?

The purpose of this question is usually to see how you respond in an "interviewer-friendly" setting, such as during a formal or casual conversation.

It's similar to how you might ask someone in real life how they would describe themselves to a stranger at a social gathering. 

A question like "Why should we hire you?" is just a trick question. It requires that you draw on your own experiences, experiences you've had in the past, or experiences you want to have in the future. 

2. The answer that needs to resonate.

You need to answer this question with as much passion and excitement as possible. No matter what you say, you want the person asking the question to understand that you want the job more than anything in the world. 

Get personal talking about a skill you've learned while working at a company, your passion for the work or a personal experience is always a good way to show that you're passionate about the job.

If you can take something that you learned from your previous company and bring it into your current job, that's even better. Show how eager you are to succeed.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is talking about how great the company culture is and how they treat their employees, but then not doing anything to put yourself in that environment.

3. Provide an example of how you are uniquely qualified for this position.

Whenever you are asked to answer the question, it's best to be proactive and be prepared with a viable example of how you are uniquely qualified for the position.

This gives your answer a strong, story-like quality that will set you apart. It also gives the interviewer something they can use to impress their bosses. 

Show how you've used the skills in the job description to succeed in similar situations. This part is important: Make sure you show how your experience fits with the job description.

Express your enthusiasm about the position and how your skills would help them achieve their goals. Do some research on the company, industry, and position before you answer this question.

Don't try to convince them of something they don't already know. This is more of a job test, and they're not looking to be convinced.

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