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" I Was A Truck Driver At Some Point, Life Was Never Kind " Popular YouTuber Maureen Muhia Narrate

After high school, Maureen went to Minnesota to further her studies on higher learning institution. She studied mass media in Minnesota and her mum had the hope that she would live in Minnesota and make a living and a home there.

Maureen had a different ending for her story. Her life was based in Kenya. She wanted to grow and have a family in kenya and be close to her family.

After completing her four years course, she came back to kenya without a plan. Coming back, she didn't have any way to get a job. Luckily, She got connected to an opportunity of an internship and she started working. She was paid a salary of 7,000 shillings a month. This money was not even enough to pay for her rent so she left left her job without a plan on how she would survive.

She went back home and stayed jobless for 6 months. Life was hard during those months. And at some point she thought of being a farmer. She bought two pigs and was set to start a new life but her mum came through and Supported her to start another job.

After she made this step, her mum pushed her to deal in excavation business where she would sell building materials using a lorry.

It was during these moments where she learnt to drive lorries and at some point she had to drive the lorries herself when the driver's bailed on her. At that point she was making more than 100,000 shillings a day.

She worked for six months until she decided to pursue her dream. She loved cameras alot and so she started a YouTube channel. That was the best decision she has ever made in life. She is a very popular YouTuber and people love her for her authentic and very interesting content.

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