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A Kenyan 29Yr Old Graduate And A Mother Of Two Pleads For Rescue From Saudi Arabia

Due to increased rates of joblessness among Kenyans, most netizens have moved abroad in search of job opportunities. A larger number of them being women who choose to sacrifice their life, leave their kids and family with the hope of coming back to Kenya after completing the contract.

Saudi Arabia is known for hiring these ladies to work as nannies in Arabic houses. To get such opportunities, you've to get connected by an agency, then get necessary documents and travel to meet your employer. You sign a contract that allows you to work until the agreed period is over. 

However, it's such a sad moment that almost every month we wake up to handle cases of murdered Kenyans in Saudi Arabia. From their stories we are able to tell that some of them undergo abuse, pain, underpayment and overworking something that contributes to their demise. 

Following this story, according to news published by K24 today a 29 year old university graduate and a mother of two is calling for help to be rescued from Saudi before she dies there. This woman identified as Nice Nayaz gave her narration on the problems she's going through. Nice has been working in Saudi for three months now and up to now she hasn't been paid. Also complained about overworking and being abused sexually, locked up all day and subjected to modern day slavery. 

Her revelation claimed that the agency promised that she'll be working as a cleaner but was offered a nanny job. Her family has written to the agency asking for her release back to Kenya since that's a breach of contract agreement. The agency company responded by saying that the lady has just refused to work and that there has been a problem in the payment system which is being worked on. 

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