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5 Ways You Can Go Beyond Client Expectations And Increase Your Money

Constantly improving your skill (how you write in October should be better than how you wrote in September).

Whenever you're writing, consider the end user in mind, not the client. This way, the content you write will keep giving your client results for years, since you write with that end-reader in mind.

Always be punctual. Send work before time (I insist on before). No client wants to work with someone who's always late. If you're always late, know that the client is seriously looking for your replacement.

Don't be too early. Sounds funny, but I've seen clients who don't want work sent in a few hours. If you do so, they think you've not taken it seriously. If the deadline is 3 days, send it in one or two days, not on the third day, and not in a few hours.

Try to ensure whatever you deliver is always better than 90% of what's found out there; this can be done by focusing on research and quality.


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