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A Village Has Suspended Services Of Their Witch Doctor After 23 Years Of Service

Ian Brackenbury Channel has been withdrawn from a monthly payroll by members of his village where he used to perform witchcraft for the locals.

More information has revealed that Ian from Christchurch village in New Zealand has served the locals for 23 years. But now his services are no longer required since the village is embracing digital changes.

History has it that Christchurch village is the only village that has been under the service of a wizard since 1982 informed a local newspaper.

Ian is now 88 years old and has been bagging £8,200 amounting to $11,280 in a year from his locals.

However, Ian has been informed that his termination was incited by top politicians in the area even though he has a certificate of registration which was issued to him by local authorities.

He also has been an icon in several film industries and has informed that he will continue being friendly with locals no matter his jobless state.

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