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Making a Career Choice? Here are the Most In-Demand Careers in Kenya

According to Money|254 :

As an out-turn of escalated unemployment and joblessness, many youths are conflicted about their professional prospects. It is requisite to be informed of current employment market trends in order to effectively decide on your career path.

Innumerable people would like to work in a field that they are passionate about. However, this is not all? When selecting a career path, you should choose one that will provide high-paying opportunities today and also in the future.

In Kenya, some of the most in-demand careers include information technology, medicine, architecture, etc. Some are discussed as below;

1. Information Technology

According to the salary analysis in 2022, people working in this field receive incomes ranging from a low of Ksh76,600 to a high of Ksh240,000.

Since 2017, Kenya's IT sector has been thriving and growing rapidly.

For example, IT managers, are in charge of planning, coordinating, and directing activities using computers and information systems. They also ensure that all employees have the technology they need to get their job done.

There are also Software Engineers, Web Designers/Developers, Business Analysts, Computer Service Technicians, Cybersecurity Specialists, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Hardware Engineers, and other professionals.

As an outcome of computerization, most firms in Kenya and even worldwide today conduct their activities across the internet with the help of these specialists.

So this is a career you might consider.

2. Sales and Marketing

According to the salary analysis in 2022, the average salary range for the majority of sales and marketing workers is between Ksh47,751 to Ksh223,792 monthly. 

For the sales and marketing managers, they typically make between Ksh47,751 and Ksh151,906 monthly at the start of their careers, which rises to an average of Ksh73,447 to Ksh254,620 monthly after 5 years of service for a 45-hour workweek.

When one understands what they're doing and have the requisite skills and patience, this becomes one of the most rewarding careers, especially in the real estate market.

This professional path includes positions such as Business Commercial Analyst, marketing Advisor/Implementer, Marketing Project Advisor, Retail Support Analyst, Sales Account Advisor, digital marketers, sales managers, sales supervisors, sales representatives, marketing managers, social media managers, SEO experts, content marketing, and so on.

This is a career you should consider.

3. Medicine

According to the salary analysis in 2022,on average, people working in this field earn salaries ranging from Ksh41,000 to Ksh500,000.

In this field, one may decide to specialize in specific areas which include Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Technology, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), Bachelor of Pharmacy, etc. 

Because human health is and will always be valuable, occupations in medicine have historically been and will continue to be in high demand. Those who work in this field include physicians, nurses, pediatricians, dentists, opticians, surgeons, pharmacists, gynecologists, and other medical professionals.

In this industry, Job security is also guaranteed.

4. Mechanical Engineering

Even though Mechanical engineering is one of the very hard degrees (you need to take many difficult math and science courses, advanced technical classes, multiple lab sessions, and study a wide range of topics) it is highly paying.

It has 4 branches which include manufacturing, mechanics, thermodynamics, and materials.

According to the salary analysis in 2022,on average, a Mechanical Engineer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of Ksh 596,440 based on 46 salaries.

A Mechanical Engineer with 5-9 years of experience takes an average total salary of KSh 1,200,000 based on 12 incomes. 

Mombasa Cement, Kenya Ports Authority, Vivo Energy Kenya, Salkas Contractors, and Isuzu East Africa Limited are among the organizations that pay mechanical engineering graduates highly.

5. Graphic and Web Design

According to the salary analysis in 2022,on average, Graphic and web designer salaries in Kenya range from Ksh60,200 to Ksh192,000 per month.

Since there is rapid growth of the internet and technology, new businesses emerge daily, requiring the usage of easily noticeable images. This is why the demand for graphic designers is increasing.

As a graphic designer, you will be in charge of producing Company brand identity (logos, typography, and color palettes), User interfaces on apps and websites, Books, magazines, newspapers, and other publications, Product packaging, Advertisements and commercials.

Even though majority of people in this field are self-employed, some firms hire them to do their work.

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