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7 Signs That You Will Be Poor All Your Life

It does not matter how rich you are, how good your salary is or how well you are currently living, you could be poor and think you are rich same as people who think they are poor but they are actually rich. It all boils down to lifestyle.

Here are signs you are actually poor but you probably do not even know it.

1.Your bank account balance goes down each month.

You don’t need any fancy charts to see if your net worth is improving or decaying. If you usually have less money in your accounts each month then your lifestyle is not sustainable on your current income. You’ll have to change something to keep from running out of money. Until you make some significant changes, you will continue to become poorer.

2.You’re blaming other people.

 They choose to blame everyone else.

We understand that blaming others is Easy, and this is to protect your insecurities and ego! But if you don’t stop, you cannot proceed to the next chapter of your life.

3.You are always leaving money on the table.

4.when your car is cheaper than your wheels.

5.When one depends on the government to change his or her life.

6.When one depends on loan to survive from day to day.

7. You spend to get the attention and to impress


Many atimes we spend to impress other people. We fool ourselves that a new car, phone, neighborhood will elevate our social status. In reality though, you find it is not respect you get but short-lived attention.

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