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Businesses that will earn you good money with little amount of capital

Statistically it have been proofed that here on kenya 50% of the people are not employed.There might be reasons which have made this happened.Many people might be have less qualifications in order to get employed.So of the institutions pay little amount of money per month or per day.For instance, one may be paid 300/ which is too little for one to survive in urban areas

For a person to survive well in this kenyan economy he/she must work.Most people are asking themselves what should they do?.Here I have something to offer to Kenya youths who are not employed.This is what is called entreprinuership or self employment

1. Second hand clothes selling.

If one has a capital of twenty thousands you can buy some bundles of "Mitumba".It is not necessary for you to have a shop to sell them but you can sell them by the road side . Some people can do house to house selling and at the end of the day the get good sum of money.

2.Poultry keeping

Keeping poultry in your home can be a way of you to became wealthty.This is because chicken is on demand in kenya.Many people do not consider chicken as a good source of income.There is more profit as one can sell eggs daily.Take an examples you have 300 hens laying eggs under normal conditions.You can sell each egg at 10ksh.This will be an equal to 3000ksh

3.Potatoes farming

Potatoes crops are one of the marketable farm products in kenya.When you have 20,000 you can start growing potatoes in some counties like Nakuru and some parts of Narok.It is so easy to manage potato farm as you just need to plant when there is enough rains.

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