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Opinion: Importance Of Addressing Gender Inequality At The Workplace That Could Benefit The Business

Gender inequality is one of the main problems that affect most professions of work. First, gender inequality refers to a situation whereby male and female are not treated equal. Gender inequality practices has been adopted and applied in many fields like education and working places hence making the female a disadvantaged gender. Therefore, this has an impact on the social professions as many capable and experienced opposite gender sometimes fail to participate in various nation important activities that require their input, likewise internationally; the major common challenge is cultural discrimination.

This usually occurs through race, language, religion or opinions that make one valued in any given international activity. This practice however, has a great impact on participation of various races across the world to bring diversification, unite the nation and hence pull together in socioeconomic political and cultural growth of the world

Addressing gender imbalance is key in saving women's life. According to 2005 conference, it was observed that engaging both genders helps to women when emergency comes. It also results in proper healthcare for women and children and legal protections. It also decrease countries poverty and instability, and often lead to peace within the nation .

Also, addressing the issues of gender inequality can make the women be ready to produce more quality work which will be relevant in improving their productivity in the workplace. Additionally, women should also be educated on their rights and privileges at work as this can improve the quality of work and the overall productivity by the female gender.

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