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4 Reasons why self discipline can help you take control of your own life

Self discipline is the ability to push yourself forward and stay motivated and take action. It's a tool that has been with us since we were children. Our parents and teachers impacted this into our brains by creating rules and routines that helped us in our daily lives.

But as we grow we have options and the way life gets busy and we get tired and bored we have forgotten what self discipline is. No one is always watching us to make sure we get things done. It's a skill that should be cultivated daily so that we can be in control of our lives. We dream and fantasize instead of getting things done while giving a million excuses on why we do or can't do stuff. Therefore these 4 points shows how important self discipline really is.

1. Unreliable motivation

Motivation comes and goes and relying on it means you're not in control of your life. If you only work on days you feel motivated you won't go very far. Success doesn't happen when you're motivated. It happens on days you're not.

2. Delayed gratification

Discipline is about putting in the work even when you have nothing to show for it. Discipline is making short term sacrifices because you know they're necessary to achieve long term goals.

3. Poor decision making

We make decisions everyday, our daily decisions compound and create our future. If you don't have self discipline you're not in control of your decisions. You're controlled by your moods and emotions which lead to poor decision making.

4. Inconsistent habits

It takes almost nothing to create bad habits and it takes discipline to create good habits. If you don't develop the discipline you'll always fall victim to bad habits and your success will never exceed your habits. Weaning off bad habits can take years off your life so be wise about starting bad habits.

So, in a nutshell do it or don't do it, never give excuses. Find that fire within you and keep it alive and in turn it will keep you alive.

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