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Meet a well paid house hold whose salary is high

In Kenya a house maid is being underated by may as they think that despite the salary they earned they are being underated. Some government employees like teachers on other hand is also prefared by many that their salary cannot cater for their needs as compered to their earning salary

A normal teacher employed by a TSC earn a total salary of Ksh 30,000 per month. Also government ruled that a house maid working in urban should be paid average salary of Ksh 12,000 and those working in rural areas to be paid average salary of Ksh 7,000 . Some celebrities like Diana Maria a Kenyan rapper pays her house maid a total of Ksh 100,000 equivalent to a salary of a lectures in campus

This is after Irene Nekesa, Diana's house maid revealed that she takes home a total of 100,000in other hand Vera Sidika has two house maids who are all above 40 years and paying the two nannies a total salary of above Ksh 40,000 each per month. She revealed that she love working with them

"I prefer forty years old because they are the best, these 20 years old are not my type" she said.

The two Vera Sidika nannies are earning huge ammount of money than other government employees


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