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Tips That Will Help You to Identify Fraudsters in Kenya

The lack of jobs in Kenya has played a huge role in encouraging fraudsters in Kenya. This is because fraudsters are now using this to their advantage to get money form some desperate youth who are busy looking for jobs. Below are some tips that can help you identify some fraudsters in Kenya.

1. They promise you a lot of money in a very short time.

Since most kenyans are looking for money, fraudsters have come up with fraudulent schemes that will make you think it's a business opportunity. These jobs always involve investing your money in a non existent schemes or being told to refer someone in order to earn some cash. Apart from ponzi schemes, some might also try to cheat you to pay some registration fee in order to get loans and financing.

2. They sell products at very cheap prices.

Since the prices of goods in Kenya are relatively high, fraudsters tend to advertise non existent products with very low prices. A good example is the data bundles. Fraudsters have a product that they commonly referrer to as "mwitu bundles". Here, they will promise to give you subsidized non-expiry bundles at very low prices. Even though this might save you some money. The moment you decide to pay for the bundles, you will realize that you have been scammed and there is no way of getting back your money.

3. They have different numbers for transactions.

Since most fraudsters operate their businesses online, they tend to have very different numbers for transactions. They will always get in touch with you using a different number from the one they use to collect the funds. If you try to call the number which you are being told to send some money to, you will realize that it has been off from the first day it was registered.

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