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Signs Someone Does Not Want You To Succeed

It can be really difficult for some of us to understand why others don't want us to succeed. It is even difficult to accept when it is someone close to you, even family or friends.

They belittle your Accomplishments.

Someone who is really proud of you, and wants to see you succeed, they will celebrate your accomplishments and be happy for you. Someone who does not want you to succeed will not share this happiness and will try to belittle your accomplishment. They can do this in a few different ways. They could brush off good news when you tell them and change the topic of conversation quickly, they could make comments about how your achievement is not that great, or they might just ignore it altogether.

They Discourage You.

Someone who does not want you to succeed will try to discourage you from reaching your goals and moving forward on your own path. They will tell you straight out that you are not good enough, you won't succeed or you should settle for where you are, it can be quite difficult to disregard this and not listen to the discouragement, especially if it is someone that you love and trust.

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