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Business Management analysis

The Pain of Doing Business Today.

Many people in Kenya run their own businesses as a side hustle or full-time job. Every businessperson's dream is to expand his or her company to a higher level after a period of operation. Some business owners hire individuals to run their businesses while they focus on other priorities. In this essay, I'd like to discuss one of the major challenges that business owners have when hiring employees to manage their companies.

Let's say you open a boutique or a shop and hire someone to manage it. These employees have learned new ways to steal from their bosses. A salesperson will form a connection with a wholesaler who sells the same products. When an employee sells an item to a customer, he or she goes to a wholesaler and purchases it at a reduced cost, then returns to the employer's shop or boutique to replace it.

This means that the employee is doing the work and profiting while yet receiving a salary from the business owner and rent being catered for. The employer will discover that his stock is unharmed and that he has made no profits. This has happened in almost every form of business where the owner isn't actively involved.

Many Kenyan youths worry about unemployment, but the majority of them are untrustworthy. Employers are hesitant to hire them. It is past time for Kenyans to exhibit loyalty in the world for the sake of job seeking.

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