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Why Should Learn to Say No

Saying No is one of the toughest things to do in this current generation because of the fear of bieng judged by others, likelihood of upsetting your colleagues or even feel guilty and scared no one will like.

I'm here to tell that saying no is one of the best decisions you'll ever make in your life. Dear brothers and sisters, its high time you stop bieng a yes machine. No to people you don’t like, no to parties you don’t even fancy and certainly no to activities that don't change your life to be better.

Here are reasons why you should say NO.

1. Life will continue.

Dear brother, "bieng cut off" by your best friend because you couldn't make it up to his demands won't kill you. You'll still live the life you want as you focus towards reaching your destiny.

2. People's opinion about you doesn't matter.

When you decide to do something accept the fact that you'll be judged either positively or negatively. Raise your head and don't let their opinion ruin your day.

3.It means you know what is good for you.

Before saying yes, ask yourself if what you about to agree on is good for you. If it has no positive side on your life. Relax, look at the person and tell him a big NO! Just remember to do it politely.

Learning how to say no is good for your peace of mind, reduces the risk of bieng stressed and also helps stop over exploitation. This can only be done through practice. Better start today , don’t be shy!

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