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Career Choices For Form Four Leavers

In this times we are leaving, not all who graduate from high school are capable of furthering their education due to various reasons. As a result they try to secure a job instead.

1. Flight attendant. Their main role is to ensure passengers are happy and comfortable. The good thing about it is that you are paid well and it offers exposure by traveling the world.

2. Truck driving. You will be transporting goods from one place to another and be paid for your services. If you do not have driving experience you will have to enroll in a driving school first.

3. Plumbing. Despite that some people look people look down on plumbers, it offers a lucrative career. They are responsible for installing and repairing of pipes in buildings.

4. Sales representative. This is a person who sells goods and services for various agencies. They are important personnel in building of a business. Most employers consider ones expertise in selling.

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