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Groups of Kenyans who Enjoy their Works Despite it Being Extremely Laborious

Despite some jobs being so difficult and demanding in terms of energy, many Kenyans still enjoy these jobs to the fullest, regardless of how tired they will be at the end of it. If you watch these groups of professionals work, then you'll understand and agree with me on what I mean by "enjoying their work"

1. Matatu Operators

The enthusiasm when they call on passengers can sometimes be mistaken for hooliganism, but I believe it isn't hooliganism. That excitement is instead what makes Matatu operators active and in most cases drive them out of depression resulting from their stressing job.

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2. Mjengo Workers

I always love to see how these people work together to make things happen in just a few hours, days or weeks. How they ferry concrete mixtures when they have no machines, how they psych up each other. They surely enjoy their job despite mjengo being one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

3. Carpenters

Carpenters will always be dancing to the tunes of their work tools. Once I watched a carpenter shape some wood with a plane and I imagined how easy it was, so I requested him to give me a try. Nothing is easy in carpentry, maybe probably using the sandpaper, which will also leave your hands with bristles. But carpenters are used to their tasks, and the more they enjoy doing it the more they find it even easier.

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4. Miners and Harvesters

Those who work in quarries and large farms/plantations also do some of the most difficult tasks in the world. However when they do it,,if you've never tried you'd think their work is easy, wait you are given a try. What these people do is accept their job and put forward all they can to make it easier, enthusiasm is one of the factors.

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5. Other groups include Iron Smiths and the Jua Kali Workers. These groups will hit the the irons and metals and make you wonder why they never hit their fingers. The thing is they are used to the job and their passion and love for it keeps even injuries at per.

Who amongst the above do you think enjoy their job most?

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