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Why Job-seekers Flock to Middle East Despite Horror Stories

Kenyans still travel to the Middle East in search of well-paying jobs despite knowing about ill treatment from some employers in the oil-rich this article I'm going to discuss various reasons as to why our fellow Kenyans still travel to the middle east in search of employment:

1.A Tax-Free Salary

This is perhaps the most enticing thing about doing an executive search for a job in the Middle East. Employees can relax knowing that saving money will be a breeze, particularly once they identify an affordable place to live near their place of work.

2.Making savings is easier

In the Middle East the income is tax- free, and your housing and healthcare are provided. If you want to save money, the Middle East is the place to do it.In these middle east countries you can do as much savings as you want than compared to Kenya where you have so many bills to settle such electricity leave alone housing.

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