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How Youths Can Earn Good Amount Of Money From Talents

Most of youth in Kenya and roughly the whole Africa as a continent have no much funds that can enable them invest in some of the most paying business activities in the continent. Therefore to earn a living despite the fact that most the youths currently are either degree holders, certificate holders or diploma holders and there is unemployment crisis, youths can still earn good amount by just exposing there talents to the world.

Lack of funds does not actually mean that you can not do anything. Just find a way on how you can generate money and let it be a genuine way that will not lead you into a hot soup in a few days.

Youths who are talented and can make people laugh have a good chance of starting a you tube channel creat short video clips of roughly 5 to 10 mins. You can create the clip by just using your phone since the current phones have a very clear camera and you will advance the quality of your video when you start earning.

The opportunity is not only for the entertainment guys also individuals who have skills and knowledge in a certain field like education, engineering, carpentry among many other fields can start a you tube channel and upload there videos.

To capture the attention of many people and get many viewers at a go you need to upload a very funny and unique clips, very educative clips and so on.

With you tube channel provided that your clips are captivating and interesting you will not lack viewers at all. You can even get more than 500,000 viewers within a very short period of time. You tube pay roughly 100 shillings to 500 shillings that is if you have roughly 1000 viewers therefore if you can manage to get 500,000 viewers in one clip you can get a good amount of money.

To Start a you tube channel you only need a good network connection that will enable you upload your video successfully. You also need a smart phone or a laptop, go the cheapest one you can afford.

Content created and supplied by: AllanJoshua (via Opera News )

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