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For those looking for ways to make some extra cash through part-time or full-time writing gigs, here are some legit sites to get you started.

Most of the jobs require dedication, professionalism and a lot ,a lot of research. So if you are a slacker then this may not be the best suggestions for you.

1.)Constant content

Unlike other sites, membership is completely free and you can start earning after your membership is verified and in order to get verified you only need to write an essay, to test your writing skills, based on any topic that will be provided to you and if the topic given does not favor you, you get five more topics to choose from.


Its quite similar to Constant Content, the only draw back is that if you fail on the entrance essay you don't get to try again. You are given an essay on any random topic, you also don't get to choose, but you have ample time to research and write about it, 24 hours to be exact, I guess that it's why it's called 24 writers.


This site only requires that you be skilled in your field of choice. Suppose you choose academic writing then you must be skilled in it and have references to prove it, otherwise landing a job might be quite difficult. Otherwise no essays required to complete your membership. There is direct communication with the hirer who pays for services but the payment is leased to your account via the site if you meet the hirer's demands.

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Constant Content


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