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The Benefits of Joining Online Writing Platforms in Kenya and Abroad


Due to the high rate of unemployment in kenya online writing provides freelances with an opportunity to be self employed. There are thousands of people in kenya and other countries as well who has turned into online writing as their main source of income. There are many benefits of online writing that i will discuss below.

Freedom of choice. Online writing gives you an opportunity to choose which project you want to do and what to leave. In online writing freelancer is not tied to a particular job that they don't like. They are soo many online writing platforms that offer online writing hence as a freelancer you have an advantage of deciding what to do and nobody will penalize you for that.

No certificates that are needed. There are no certificates needed to join online writing. There are no certificates or specific certification that someone has to meet to be hired. There is no college or university in kenya that offers online writing as a course,but some companies may ask you for a resume or college certificate before they hire you but this is to make sure that you can have ideas and write.

Working from anywhere. Online writing is one of the most popular freelance jobs that allow people to work without restrictions from their locations. As an online writer you can write remotely which means that you can write from the comfort of your home. This flexibility allows one to have time to spend with their loved ones even when someone is working.

Good supply of jobs. As an online writer it's safe to say that you can never be out of jobs except you decide not to. There are a thousands of platforms for a freelance writer to advertise themselves. There is everything for everyone from creative content writing to transcriptions,the online writing field has a variety of jobs depending on your skills and skills level.

In conclusion online writing is a lifesaver to many young unemployed Kenyans which can last for a long time. Therefore online writing should be supported to provide more opportunities to the young generation as it will reduce vices in our society and bring hope for the future of many.

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