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Do you want some extra income? Try these online writing jobs

Image: The Jerny

Have you ever heard of online writing? It refers to writing jobs one gets, does and submits them online to get paid. Becoming a freelance writer can help you use your spare time wisely while at the same getting some income from it. If you don't have a job at all, you can even get more income to sustain yourself. 

Well, to do online writing, you will need three important things, i.e., a computer or smartphone, internet access and of course time to get the work done. Time is also important because if you want to build yourself as a freelance writer, you need to submit tasks assigned on time. In this article, we are going to show you some online writing jobs you can start today. 

1. Blog Writing 

Most businesses have blogs which they use to reach out to their customers and even market their products. Therefore, if you decide to do blog writing, be sure to get a sustainable income. Blog writing covers a wide range of topics, from educational to entertainment content. Blog writing is a recurring job as most clients publish periodically and will always come to you if you do a good job. 

2. Ghostwriting 

This refers to the type of online writing in which the writer is not given credit for their work. While getting credit for your writing can help you market yourself, ghostwriting gives you a chance to earn more. In fact, for ghostwriting, you can charge two or three times more than your normal rate.

3. Press Release Writing 

A press release is a piece written to address the media. It is mostly used when introducing a new product, announcing achievements, or giving a schedule of events. Press release writing follows a standard format. Although their lengths differ, most of them are short (400-800 words).

4. Article Writing 

Articles are more in-depth compared to blog posts. Furthermore, they are journalistic in nature. For instance, you may be required to do interviews to enrich your article. Article writers are always needed to get new content for websites and magazines, so you will always get jobs. 

5. SEO writing 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) writing is one which is meant to boost the ranking of a website by Google search. There are certain keywords you may need to achieve this.

6. Web content writing 

Upcoming businesses or those who want to expand their operations may need someone to enrich their website. If you choose this kind of writing, you will get tasks to create new content or update the existing content for websites. You may write about a business or its products. 

Those are a few online writing jobs you can start with. Please check if one of them is a good fit. It will be even better if you can do more than one of the above writing jobs as this increases your chances of getting hired. Regards.

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